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Site 3 Space 4 Parking/Storage-4,200 SqFt. 
Gravel Yard Space for Lease - 4,200 SF - Available for Lease

EASY Hwy 54 Access

Approximately 4,200 SF, this large gravel yard space is available to lease for parking and storage. Ideal use for car parking, truck/trailer parking, equipment, and shipping containers. (No storage of derelict vehicles will be allowed.)

The tenant would have the ability to install temporary power masts or security fencing at the tenant's expense.

In the next thirty days the Landlord will be clearing this space of all vehicles and laying down 2" of compacted 1 inch minus gravel. In the next ninety days, the Landlord will be installing a controlled access gate at the site entrance along Dyer Street to provide additional security to the entire 11135 Dyer Street site.

Site Address: 11135 Dyer St (at the rear of the property)


1-year minimum lease.


24 hour access

4200 SqFt.

Good Freeway Access

Good Exterior Lighting

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